About us

We will become the first company to challenge and lead a new corporate culture.


We cherish deep gratitude to the member submitted customers Thank you.

I am a director of SHINHWA Hi-Tec, whiich is a faithful and hard-working company.

Our company brought ISO 14001:2004/ ISO 9001:2008(RINA/CISQ/IQNET)

/system and we are continually building quality and development of new technology.
We strive for the best quality management and our client`s satisfaction of their nedds.
Our products such as tube fitting for instrumentation, Pipe fitting, Valve for instrumentation and hydraulics, Tube, Pipe clamp, SQ Flange, LSA flange etc, are getting credit for technology and quality through export and selling in our country.

We won `t forget our company`s ideology for client satisfaction and happiness.
Also, we will try to make the best products and steadily develop the highest quality in the industry.
Please keep watching our company`s continued challenge.
Thank you.

CEO Song Sung Soo